Harry Bailey head shot

Harry Bailey - Manchester software developer & business owner

Experienced in the creation of mobile applications and web software.

About Harry Bailey

A Manchester based mobile application and web software developer who has been a heavy user of PHP, MySQL and front end development technologies such as javascript, css and html for nearly fifteen years. Previous work has included everything from small Facebook applications to a large-scale mission critical insurance broker site.

Although only a part of what Harry works on nowadays, he first got into PHP development learning how to make the phpBB bulletin board software do everything he demanded from it before becoming a full time PHP Developer in Manchester.

Harry co-founded Tariff Street, a software agency in Manchester's Northern Quarter taking great care to plan, build and support large scale web and mobile applications and a Director at Modlia, who built the award winning PagePlay website management tool.

After nearly fifteen years of experience and learning all he could about web technologies, if it's related to the internet, it's likely he has some knowledge of it.

If you're looking to work with a talented team to build a web tool or mobile application then Tariff Street are software developers with the experience and expertise you'll be wanting a relationship with to ensure a secure, stable and lovable product at launch and into the future.

Get in touch with an email to h@hjb.me or via @hjbme (Harry Bailey) on Twitter if you'd like to know more about Harry, PagePlay or Tariff Street.

Harry Bailey's Skills

If you're interested in one talent in particular here is the smorgasbord:

  • Accessibility and Usability
  • Responsive design and mobile web
  • Ionic Framework
  • PhoneGap / Cordova
  • AngularJS
  • PHP since 4.1
  • OOP in various languages
  • MVC frameworks including Yii and Laravel
  • HTML since 4.0
  • CSS since 2.0
  • Javascript including the popular jQuery and templating languages moustache and handlebars
  • Apis including Google Maps, Mapbox, Twitter, Facebook, PostmarkApp, MailGun, Kashflow and anything else that's popular to integrate.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Access. Pretty much any database that PHP will talk to
  • Cookies, sessions, local storage
  • Image manipulation.
  • PDF generation
  • Onsite SEO
  • Wordpress

Is your interest not listed above? He could still point you in the right direction:

h@hjb.me / @hjbme / Harry Bailey on LinkedIn / Harry Bailey on Medium